First Edition


Track The Pack delivers an in-depth look into Allegiance STEAM Academy - Thrive (ASA Thrive) through the eyes of students, educators, and parents. From explaining the role of charter schools, to how communication thrives in schools, to the benefits of a STEAM education, Track the Pack will tackle all things important to our community.

Welcome to our first edition of Track the Pack! In this inaugural edition, we will take a peek into how ASA Thrive’s origins strongly align with the important role charter schools play within communities. The majority of you reading this know the conditions in which ASA Thrive came to be. I won’t retell history here. Rather, I’ll use this unique story to illustrate the purpose of charter schools and why this endeavor resonated so strongly with me. In turn, I believe this perspective will help our community get to know me, my values as your founding CEO, and understand the growing excitement amongst the founding team of ASA Thrive educators.

It all starts with the name, “Allegiance”. Defined as loyalty or commitment of an individual to group or cause, allegiance, both as a word and as the name of our school, sends a powerful message. One of commitment and devotion towards the idea of what a public school, a school for all kids, can be. This is precisely what the founding members exemplified when making the dream of Allegiance STEAM Academy a reality. In doing so, they sent a clear message that Allegiance would be great because we will all do our part, staff, student, parent alike, to make it great. Opening a school is unique. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. And it’s completely doable when we all roll up our sleeves and, together, do the work to create a great place for our children to thrive.

This will be a shared expectation of one another- be a part of our school. Some of you read that and are considering joining the PTA. Others will volunteer in their child’s class. Still more will lend their time and talents in ways I haven’t imagined. Together, we will shape our school and carry the sense of commitment to this cause that the founding team started.

The purpose and resolve of the group of parents who wrote Allegiance’s charter was to open a quality school of choice for children in Chino and the surrounding area. Allegiance enters its founding moments with a strong and devoted community passionate about matching an educational experience to the curiosity, interests, and strengths of our children.

This community’s passion and actions towards building and providing something special for all students was what resonated so strongly with me. I knew I had to be a part of this special moment. And your growing team of founding staff members share in acknowledging how truly special Allegiance’s origins are and how unique this opportunity is. On behalf of the growing team of founding staff members, we are grateful to you for the opportunity to do our part in growing something special with you.

In future Track The Pack issues, we will take a look at what STEAM will look like at ASA Thrive as well as our community’s shared responsibility in building and maintaining healthy organizational communication.