The power of your gift.

Imagine a learning environment where students take concepts shared in the classroom and bring them to life in a STEAM lab. Here are some examples of what that will look like at Allegiance STEAM Academy:

  • Picture a classroom of first graders learning about the Amazon rainforest as an ecosystem. Students then come into the STEAM lab and create their own mini ecosystem using a soda bottle and other materials. The concept of an ecosystem is used to understand how living things interact with each other and with the non-living things in their environment.
  • Imagine fourth graders learning about Galileo and simple machines such as a lever, wedge, pulley and inclined planes in class. During their time in the STEAM lab, they will create these simple machines and understand how they make work easier.
  • Visualize seventh grade students studying photosynthesis in class, then heading to the STEAM lab where they build, use, and collect data from photobioreactors.

Now imagine these students working together enthusiastically in groups to present their findings using their own school-provided laptops, or waiting for their project to be printed on a 3-D printer. These experiences challenge students to be creative, inquisitive, and collaborative as they incorporate the use of graphics, music, and even acting into their presentations to make their classroom lessons come to life. This is a snapshot of what STEAM education will look like at Allegiance STEAM Academy.

We are creating an environment of innovators, problem solvers, and out of the box thinkers. 

Allegiance is creating a learning environment where STEAM programming offers an integrated approach to teaching and learning. STEAM education is based on mathematics, engineering, and art from the perspective of science and technology and is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful innovators in the 21st Century.

ASA’s visual and performing arts programs will provide opportunities for students to express themselves, learn through creating, and open their imaginations while honing their talents through dance, singing, music, painting and performing.


Together, we’ll do amazing things.

When you choose to give to Allegiance STEAM Academy, you play a vital role creating an innovative, challenging, and transformative educational experience for K-8 students in and surrounding Chino Valley. Our wishlist for our students is big and your tax-deductible donation will help us create an incredible school with learning resources and programs such as:

  • A laptop for every student,
  • equipment for our STEAM Makers Lab,
  • coding programs,
  • robotics equipment,
  • Lego club,
  • art supplies,
  • drones,
  • Computer-Aided Design,
  • 3D printers,
  • microscopes and
  • Photobioreactors, and more!

With your support, the possibilities are endless.

Signs of your generosity will appear everywhere on campus - in our STEAM lab, vibrant classrooms, and specialty program rooms. Less tangibly, the impacts of your gifts will appear in the opportunities you help create for inquisitive, hard-working and talented students and teachers.

Take the next step...

Your gift, regardless of the amount, makes a BIG difference!